An Easy Stellar Testnet Token Manager

Stop wasting development cycles on your testnet tokens. We've taken the pain out of creating and managing assets on the Stellar network.


Why Use Testnet.ai?

  • Reduce friction of building and testing custom Stellar assets
  • Lower the barrier to entry for building localized testing environments with custom Stellar assets
  • Stop worrying about losing your testing environment during the quarterly testnet resets
  • Gain a better understanding of the features and underlying mechanics available to you for managing an asset on the Stellar network
  • Supercharge your testnet assets with an automated market maker to ensure there's enough liquidity for you to run ample testing
  • Ensure your transactions don't fail using our automated fee calculator based on network load
  • It's FREE!

Don't just take our word for it though. Go ahead and start creating tokens on testnet to see this in action for yourself!

It's 100% free!

Features and Functionality

  • A full blown user registration process and administrative dashboard for managing tokens
  • The ability to create and delete tokens, including the issuer account and distribution account
  • The ability to customize AUTH flags on newly created tokens
  • The ability to permanently lock the token supply following creation
  • Creation of a custom subdomain to act as your home_domain for each generated token which serves a stellar.toml file identifying your token
  • The ability to create and customize a market making strategy for tokens
  • The ability to activate/deactivate a market maker for the token
  • The ability to automatically recreate an asset and associated market makers when the Stellar testnet resets quarterly

Market Making

Testnet gives you the ability to create and customize a market making strategy for tokens. Whether for your personal use or business, our market maker ensures your asset is provided liquidity for internal testing on the SDEX. Features of our market maker include:

  • Automatically creating and funding trading accounts on the buy and sell side
  • Automatically re-filling trading accounts when their balances get low
  • Customizing the asset's base price in relation to XLM
  • Customizing the orderbook spread percentage
  • Customizing the orderbook depth
  • Customizing the orderbook offer amounts